Transform Your Business with Performance-Driven Marketing

Your business deserves an experienced professional with expertise in strategy, planning, and execution of online campaigns.

Transform Your Business with Performance-Driven Marketing

Your business deserves an experienced professional with expertise in strategy, planning, and execution of online campaigns.

Hello! I’m Lucas Socio a Fractional Marketing Director.

As a fractional marketing director (or Marketing Consultant), I can help your business make the best possible use of the marketing resources you already have, automate processes, and set KPIs that will allow you to track your progress easily and accurately.

My experience allows me to build strategic marketing initiatives and execute them on a technical level on several channels.

I bring my 12+ years of leadership in marketing expertise and insight to inform marketing decisions, freeing up time that would otherwise have been spent on trial and error. This way, business owners have more time to concentrate on other aspects of their organization while still getting the results they want from their marketing initiatives.

This ultimately saves time and money for business owners dealing with different agencies that operate an arm’s length from your business.

What Is The Best Marketing Strategy For Your Business?

Nearly all types of digital marketing have proven to be successful one way or the other.

In order to develop a marketing strategy that works for you will depend on your unique business goals, budget, timeline for execution, and the actual team working on it!

A healthy business will be active on SEO, social media, and often with paid ads to complement it. A proper assessment and review that I will conduct alongside your team will dictate the best course of action which includes a holistic strategy, an actionable timeline, and a clear execution plan.

You should never accept a “pre-built” strategy because you will be missing out on some valuable opportunities. If you are interested in learning how an experienced marketing consultant can have a big impact on your business, I would be happy to schedule a 30-minute call where you can ask me anything.

Let’s start by building your marketing strategy together and creating a timeline for the return on your investments.

Search Advertising

Search advertising (Google Ads & Bing Ads) allows you to reach customers who are actively searching for your services. We take care of the entire setup process to ensure data is accurate so we can properly optimize your campaigns to focus on growth. Get the results that matter to you.

Search Engine Optimization

To be found on Google, you need to have your website SEO done right. I always make the analogy that having an SEO equates to having the best real estate location in your city. It’s like having an Apple Flagship store but for your business. It’s a valuable piece of real estate both offline and online.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an ever-evolving area because your content needs to get people to feel a certain way or take a specific action like subscribing to your newsletter or requesting a quote. As technology and people evolve, we have to adapt to how we present our brand to the world to stay relevant and present.

Everything I do is geared towards Business Growth

The advantages of working with an experienced Senior Marketing Consultant for an existing and fully operational business looking to expand are vast. One of my strengths when working with business owners and in-house marketing teams often involves a refinement of their existing marketing strategy with an emphasis on data and results. Here are some of the steps I have taken to help businesses make their marketing strategy and execution more efficient driving direct results to their bottom line.

  • Perform a Comprehensive Marketing Audit.
  • Restate and refine company marketing goals.
  • Perform a gap analysis.
  • Perform a budget analysis.
  • Revisit marketing strategies.
  • Perform a content audit.
  • Launch or relaunch campaigns with proper tracking.
  • Train existing marketing teams.
  • Analyze.
  • Optimize!

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